Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice

Hands-on course in the application of psychotherapy modalities

This is a hands-on course to learn how to apply the four psychotherapy modalities through a guided approach of handling real-life clients.

Learners will get to choose to specialize in any one of the 4 psychotherapy modalities of: (1) Person-Centered Therapy, (2) Positive Psychology and Coaching, (3) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and (4) Psychoanalytic Therapy.

The course is conducted over 10 (120 minute) sessions which include 8 (50 – 60 minute) sessions of client contact, and 15 -30 minute of pre-session coaching, and 15-30 minute of post-session coaching.

The course will begin with 2 sessions of reviewing the psychotherapy methodologies, how to conduct and intake assessment, what tool to use, how to build stronger rapport with clients, how to set session objective, how to facilitate the exploration process with the client, how to log notes, how to establish a treatment plan, etc.

Subsequent 8 sessions will be check-in and actual client work with guidance and coaching.


Learners will be assessed at the end of every session and a final assessment at the end of the 10 sessions on whether they are competent or not yet competent to graduate.


Learners who are deemed as ‘competent’ over the 10 sessions will have successfully complete the course and be awarded with the ‘Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice’ and also granted the ‘Certified Competent’ seal by PSYREC Academy.

Learners who are deemed ‘not yet competent’ will need to repeat the course in blocks of 10 sessions until they are deemed ‘competent’.

Counting of Hours for Registration

The hours clocked during this applied practice course can be counted as hours required for your post-graduate qualifications, and or post-masters, pre-registration hours for a ‘Registered Psychologist’ or ‘Registered Counsellor’ status.

Enrollment Requirement
  1. Bachelor degree with PSYREC Academy’s Specialist Certificate course in the respective therapeutic modalities, or
  2. Masters degree in Applied Psychology or Counselling related, or
  3. Mature or qualified student without relevant qualifications may be considered on a case to case basis.
How is the Course Conducted?

Typically face-to-face and one-on-one in a clinic setting.

Due to Covid-19 measures, coaching session with supervisor may be conducted via googlemeets. Client contact hours may also be via googlemeets.

Your Investment

Course Fee: $2838.

Registration Fee: $100.

Material Fee: No charge.

Certified Competent

When learners are deemed to be competent, they will be awarded the ‘Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice’ stating their respective specializations, and also the PSYREC’s ‘Certified Competent’ seal.


Person-Centered Therapy

Specialization in person centered therapy allows learners to acquire the skills and methods of applying person-centered therapeutic modalities during session through a hands-on, guided setting.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy allows learners to acquire the skills and methods of applying cognitive behavioral therapeutic modalities during session through a hands-on, guided setting.

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Specialization in psychoanalytic therapy allows learners to acquire the skills and methods of applying psychoanalytic therapeutic modalities during session through a hands-on, guided setting.

Positive Psychology and Coaching

Specialization in positive psychology and coaching allows learners to acquire the skills and methods of applying positive psychology coaching modalities during session through a hands-on, guided setting.

Requirements for Graduation

Clinical Competencies

To graduate, we expect our learners to be able to conduct therapeutic sessions independently, to make decisions on what tools to use to facilitate clinical assessments during sessions and to provide useful and effective support to clients, as well as able to develop rapport and trust relationship with clients.

Clinical Judgement

Additionally, we also expect our learners to acquire basic levels of ‘clinical judgement’ to provide effective psychological care to clients. Clinical judgement means to make discerning, and objective interpretation or reflections on challenges, concerns experienced by clients that impacts their life quality.


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“I really enjoyed the course. I certainly would recommend this to total beginners and to people like myself who need to consolidate the knowledge that they have attained over time.”
Bethany T.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better grounding in the practice of psychotherapy, understand how to use my personal strength and weakness that may be useful during sessions with clients. It was the best way to flatten out a steep learning curve!”
May L.